The Midwest Institute for Sexuality and Gender Diversity is eager to provide support—to organizations, higher education practitioners, conference planners, and other interested groups—moving from idea to action across a variety of tools, initiatives, and media content. We offer two primary consulting services: roadmapping and guided implementation.

Our expertise

We are skilled in and ready to consult on a variety of topics, including: 

  • Conference and large-scale event coordination 

  • Incident and safety response planning 

  • Needs and experiences specific to Midwest queer and trans communities 

  • Supporting trans and nonbinary communities 

  • Supporting LGBTQ+ college students

We also offer technical assistance and we are available for media and guest content projects.

Layers of service


Starting a project can be a barrier to completing a project. We offer roadmapping services to organizations and individuals who are interested in being thoughtful and thorough before executing a process or program essential to their groups operations.

Roadmapping means we guide your group through thinking about key questions, stakeholders, and other essential considerations for your project or program. From there, your group moves forward in actualizing your project or program and can connect with us for feedback or suggestions.

This is a shorter term commitment and may require 1-2 sessions.

Guided implementation

This approach allows us to work with organizations and individuals on digging deeper into the root of organizational or institutional issues and answering questions to solve major problems.

We work with your group to think about key questions, stakeholders and other essential considerations for your project or program. Then, we help you determine how to implement your plan. Through consulting, we connect with you and/or your group over the course of a project or program timeline to support you in executing your vision and meeting your unique needs.

This is a longer term commitment and may require 3+ sessions.

Let’s work together!

Contact us to schedule a free 30-minute exploratory session with a member of our team to determine best fit and next steps.

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