Trans(Gender) Justice Teach-in

The Trans(Gender) Justice Teach-in is dedicated to centering trans, nonbinary, and intersex knowledge, experiences, and liberation.

This program, held annually in the fall, is a partnership between the Midwest Institute for Sexuality and Gender Diversity and the University of Minnesota-Duluth's Gender and Sexuality Initiatives.


Trans Fat: Lessons from Large Trans Folks

Being fat and trans is an ethereal existence but like most things that are joyful and magical, there are barriers intended to steal our pleasure.

(Re)watch our latest teach-in—with T.K. Morton, Dr. Jonathan Higgins, Shane Smoore, and R.B. Brooks—where we reflected on the unique positions of fat/plus size trans people to unearth lessons about desire, wellness, design, language, love and so much more.

Watch past teach-ins

Trans Fat: Lessons from Large Trans Folks (2022)

The Next Genderation: Building Liberated Futures with Queer and Trans Youth (2021)

The Rise of a Trans Abolitionist Vision (2020)


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