Our Mission, Vision, & Values


We build community among queer and trans youth (and those who support them), expand knowledge of sexuality and gender, and create lasting change across the Midwest through advocacy and expansive programming.


We envision a liberated future where generations of queer and trans people live in abundance and their joy, knowledge, and experience guide our shared existence.

Core values


We provide opportunities that are considerate of varying intellectual, physical, and financial capacities.


We view community as an ongoing act of love, establishing intentional, mutually beneficial relationships that strengthen our collective capacities.


We act to improve conditions for queer and trans people across the Midwest, informed by and prioritizing the most marginalized within our community. We collaborate with and support others engaged in anti-oppression work.


We prioritize culturally relevant learning experiences and education that is not confined to academic institutions.


We vow transparency in our processes, take ownership of our limitations and commit to continuous self-work. Through this modeling, we expect and challenge our community and corporate partners to do the same.


We work to dismantle systemic barriers, combat deeply ingrained beliefs and practices that harm our communities, and conduct our work with urgency toward an inevitable revolution.

Guiding principles

In addition to our mission, vision, and values, our work is shaped by our guiding principles:

  • Opposing oppression

  • Rescripting and challenging higher education

  • Adapting to changing contexts and integrating into existing movement work

  • Using expansive and accessible language

  • Rejecting disproportionate wealth distribution and capitalism

Learn more about our guiding principles, our origin story, and our work in our organizational philosophy.

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