Our Mission, Vision, and Values


We empower students of diverse sexualities and genders to inspire sustainable change; lead higher education colleagues in relevant and inclusive practices; and advance knowledge of sexuality and gender through advocacy and expansive programming.


We re-envision an educational climate that centers the needs and experiences of systemically disadvantaged students and affirms and encourages sexuality and gender diversity.

Core values


We provide opportunities that are considerate of varying intellectual, physical, and financial capacities and levels of college readiness


Through intentional collaboration, we liaise for various social justice efforts to build sustainable coalitions and strengthen relationships across difference.


We uplift the voices of systemically disadvantaged students and colleagues as well as act as accomplices to all those participating in anti-oppression work.


We emphasize the importance of culturally relevant academic experiences and expanding understandings of students’ integration into campus life.


We vow transparency in our processes, take ownership of our limitations and commit to continuous self-work. Through this modeling, we expect and challenge our colleagues and partners to do the same.


We situate ourselves in this work with determination to annihilate systemic barriers, combat deeply ingrained beliefs and practices that negatively impact our communities, and conduct our work with urgency toward an inevitable revolution.

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