Take the Last Bite S3E6: Tracking Patterns That Produced the Club Q Attack

Season 3, Episode 6: Tracking Patterns That Produced the Club Q Attack

We take a slow, careful bite out of processing the Club Q shooting in Colorado Springs. Host R.B. Brooks (they/them) pieces together what we’ve learned in the aftermath of the shooting, tracks the circumstances and context that produced the tragic incident, and grapples with key questions about how we move forward.

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Take the Last Bite is a podcast by the Midwest Institute for Sexuality and Gender Diversity. It's a direct counter to the Midwest Nice mentality— highlighting advocacy and activism by queer/trans communities in the Midwest region. Through each episode, we're aiming to unearth the often disregarded and unacknowledged contributions of queer and trans folks to social change through interviews, casual conversations and reflections on Midwest queer time, space, and place. 

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