MLive: LGBTQ comics pop-up gets its start at MBLGTACC and Pride festivals

“We’re in this golden age, I feel—or some call it a lavender age—for queer and trans comics," said Amara Vear, owner of the Ypsilanti, Michigan-based Queer Comics Peddler. The store is a pop-up shop that focuses on comics and graphic novels that either feature a queer character or where a member of the production team is LGBTQ.

And in a recent interview, Vear told MLive about witnessing the power of queer literature. Young people, in particular, they said, "need to see the happy stories about what’s possible," and pieces in their collection are curated to fill that need, as well as offer stories and topics of interests to adult audiences.

Vear first tested out the Queer Comics Peddler store concept at Midwestern Pride festivals and MBLGTACC, the Midwest Bisexual Lesbian Gay Transgender Asexual College Conference. “I realized people are super hungry for representation in their media, so I was able to find the perfect audience for the stuff that I had."

Read the full article from MLive.

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