Roze Brooks

Director of Strategy and Impact


Roze Brooks

R.B. (they/them) is an unabashedly queer Taurus Sun-Aries Moon-Leo Rising with an affinity for flipping tables. They lead strategic planning and ensure our programs and initiatives achieve intended outcomes. R.B. is the host of Take the Last Bite, a show where we take Midwest Nice, fold it into a paper airplane and torpedo it into oblivion.

R.B. majored in creative writing and journalism at the University of Missouri Kansas City (2014) where they had the opportunity to plan MBLGTACC 2014. They received their masters of higher education administration from the University of Kansas (2016).

R.B. is originally from Saint Louis, Missouri and is now based in (very) northern Minnesota cohabitating with their partner, two cats and a dog.

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