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MBLGTACC Host image of workshopMBLGTACC 2013 (Credit: Weipert Photography)

Host MBLGTACC 2020

Hosting the annual conference is an incredible opportunity to bring awareness to LGBTQIA+ experiences on your own campus and in your community! Each year the conference is hosted in a different location within the Midwest and is determined through a bidding process.


We invite bids from any collaboration or group of students representing a Midwest college or university. Bids may also be created collaboratively between neighboring institutions from the same area. Institutions in the following states are eligible to host MBLGTACC: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.


Bids are reviewed and delegation is determined two years prior to the conference in which a bid team would be hosting the conference. If your institution is interested in hosting the conference in 2020, we request submissions of bids by Wednesday, January 31, 2018 at 11:59 PM (EST).

If you have concerns about this deadline or need more information about bidding to host MBLGTACC, contact Roze Brooks, chief operations officer, at roze@sgdinstitute.org.

Presentation Guidelines

In order to present your bid, it is expected that representatives from your bid team be present at the upcoming MBLGTACC.

During the conference weekend, you will be invited to present on your bid at the annual Oversight Committee meeting. This group, comprised of representatives from each Midwest state, will review the information you have submitted in your bid form, view your presentation, and ask questions for clarity and additional detail.

Recommendations for your presentation:

  • Your presentation, including time for questions, should not exceed 20 minutes
  • Highlight some of the milestones of your institution-- what is it doing well? What does it offer to queer & trans+ people?
  • Give us an idea of the surrounding area-- i.e. your town/city and the landscape of where you’ll be inviting attendees for the weekend!
  • Provide overviews & any additional information that supplements the information you provided in the bid submission form
  • Any letters or quotes of support from upper administration, relevant staff/faculty/campus organizations, decision-makers in the surrounding area, etc are valuable components of a bid. If you’ve received vouches of support, consider acquiring letters or quotes from these individuals to bring as printed materials or to incorporate into your presentation.

Host Agreement

Your intent to bid for the Midwest Bisexual Lesbian Gay Transgender Ally College Conference serves as your confirmation that you agree to the terms and conditions described in the Institute’s host agreement. This host agreement will be will be provided to the awarded host institution’s representatives at the conference in full detail. Here is an overview of the host agreement:
  • Hosting the conference is a privilege granted by the Institute. Hosts will have reign to conceptualize their conference content, theme, and programming at the advisement & in collaboration with the Institute.
  • A Campus Relations Coordinator will be assigned to the Host to provide tailored advising, support, and liaise to the Institute.
  • Host is expected to maintain constant and transparent communication with its Campus Relationships Coordinator throughout the two year planning & implementation process.
  • Host is expected to adhere to the goals and learning outcomes of MBLGTACC when conceptualizing, designing and executing the conference.
  • Host is expected to adhere to the brand standards, or established guidelines for imagery, logos, fonts & other design elements provided by the Institute.
  • Institute will provide social media platforms, email, website, and registration tools with the expectation that Host will manage & utilize these resources.
  • Host will agree to a Code for Inclusion mapped out in the host agreement document.


Submissions are closed.