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Roze Brooks

Director of Operations





Unabashedly queer urbanite passionate about table flipping.

Roze R. B. Brooks is the director of operations for the Midwest Institute for Sexuality and Gender Diversity. They oversee the programmatic and assessment efforts of the organization as well as aiding in the formation of integral relationships with other world changers and change makers.  Roze has attended MBLGTACC since 2012 and served as co-chair of the 2014 conference hosted in Kansas City, Mo. 

An alumnx of the University of Missouri-Kansas City, Roze graduated in 2014 with their BA in communication studies with an emphasis in journalism and English with an emphasis in creative writing. In spring 2016, Roze completed their MSE in higher education-administration at the University of Kansas. Determined to continue doing work for queer and trans+ justice in the Midwest region, Roze is currently the Sexuality and Gender Equity Initiatives program coordinator at the University of Minnesota Duluth. They also serve as a Great Lakes Regional Representative for the Consortium of LGBT Higher Education Professionals.