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Robert Alberts

Campus Relations Coordinator




Robert Alberts is a campus relations coordinator for the Midwest Institute for Sexuality and Gender Diversity and the official liaison with the MBLGTACC 2017 campus planning team. In that role their job is to collaborate with the host school(s) and the executive team. Their main roles are to provide insight, resources, and advising to students and campus staff as well as provide on-site assistance throughout the conference. They have been to six MBLGTACC conferences beginning in 2012 and hosted the 2015 MBLGTACC conference. They graduated with their Bachelor of Social Work from Illinois State University and with their Master of Science in education, with a focus on student affairs, from the University of Nebraska at Kearney.

Robert has currently published research on Queer identity development within college students and is currently working on other research projects that center specifically Queer and Trans people. Their hope is to continue research efforts to advocate for resources that help support recruitment, retention, and graduation of Queer people on college campuses.