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Justin Drwencke

Executive Director





Never underestimate the power of creative thinking.

Justin Drwencke is the executive director of the Midwest Institute for Sexuality and Gender Diversity. In this role, Justin helps set strategic goals and priorities, coordinates the efforts of the leadership team to achieve the Institute’s mission, and oversees coalition and relationship building with external partners. Additionally, they manage the Institute’s development and fundraising strategy. Justin’s leadership is informed by involvement with MBLGTACC since 2011, heading the programming team for MBLGTACC 2013, and serving as the oversight committee treasurer.

Justin earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Michigan State University with a major in interdisciplinary humanities. This degree combines diverse interests in mathematics, gender studies, and professional writing. At MSU, Justin played tenor saxophone in the Spartan Marching Band. They are an alumnx brother of Delta Lambda Phi Social Fraternity. Justin continues to support art and music in the greater Lansing area, currently serving as the financial officer for the East Lansing Summer Solstice Jazz Festival Advisory Board. They also serve on the board of the MSU GLBT Alumni Association.

Justin uses multipotentiality to evaluate challenges and opportunities from multiple perspectives. They are committed to creating sustainable change through relationship building, education, and empowerment.