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Bryan Guffey

Board President




Bryan Guffey is the president of the Midwest Institute for Sexuality and Gender Diversity board of directors and a system administrator at Netsmart Technologies.

Born in Lawrence, Kansas, Bryan is the child of a black mother from inner city Kansas City and a white father from 300 acres of rural farmland—parents they saw fight hard for the acceptance and opportunities of their kids. Bryan spent the mid-90s in suburban Ohio and entered college at the age of 20. At Kent State University, they became involved with Delta Lambda Phi—the nation’s oldest and largest fraternity for gay, bisexual, and progressive men—and began their commitment to service. Bryan graduated from Kent State with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in musical theatre, later producing a benefit for GLSEN at the New York Theatre, performing on a cruise around the world, and continuing to serve DLP in various roles.

Today, Bryan is the president of DLP’s alumni association. They also serve as a board member (and previously diversity and inclusion coordinator) of the Women’s A Cappella Association. Through that work, they’re heavily involved in the a cappella community and teach high school and college students how to share their stories and connect with other people authentically and truthfully through music and performance.

As system administrator for Netsmart Technologies, Bryan works to enable healthcare organizations across the United States to provide high-quality behavioral health care through innovative technology and human solutions. In their free time, Bryan enjoys science fiction and fantasy epics of all kinds—TV, movies, and books—and loves to travel.